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The interest in AI has been overwhelming, even from parties who are just starting their journey. We understand and appreciate the eagerness of everyone to learn and get up to speed. But:
We do not have time to educate you on the basics
We're keen to talk if and only if you can obviously and meaningfully help us speed up our vision
If we do not contact You, it doesn't mean you're not cool. If you're reading this, you're awesome
Thank you for your understanding.

Angel Investor / Evangelist / VC

What we require:
You understand the AI landscape
You are familiar with latest innovations in the field
You have a good 2+ year outlook and a rough 5+ year outlook on the field of AI
You innately understand how business and governments operate
You can:
Help us with funding.
Connect us to companies which want to 10x their Data Science teams.
Connect us with companies which complement what we do.
Contribute to our vision and direction.
You can not:
Send "analysts" who have no clue about ML or AI to talk with us.GPT-4 can do their job better.

Tech CxO

What we require:
You know that rapid prototyping & quick screening of ideas are necessary to gain an edge
You understand that the top 2% of ideas are responsible for 75% of business gains
You realize that status quo prevents rapid prototyping and evaluation of predictive applications
You feel bottlenecked by the speed of experimentation in your data science / machine learning initiatives
You are willing to embrace a new paradigm of behavioral ML and take part in its creation by providing active feedback
You can:
Come up with dozens or hundreds of ideas for behavioral ML use-cases worth battle-testing
Think how we can integrate with your processes for mutual benefit
Evangelize your organization to embrace a new approach to behavioral ML & DS
Push us to the limits of what's possible, so that we can achieve more together
Evaluate our solutions & provide feedback so we can enrich BaseModel for you
You can not:
Expect BaseModel to replace data-literate people in your organization
Assume that your organization can remain unchanged when you suddenly gain modelling superpowers
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